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  1. Hello Dan! my name is Isaac Figueroa, and I am thinking about getting a 3D printer; I found the 3Dshook page and is awesome… I just have a question, looking at the free designs, it says that the printing time is 4 h- 6h,.. the letter “h” means hours? … the reason number one in this article means that a family could leave the printer printing all night ? is correct? thanks!!!!

  2. Buying a 3D printer for your home is so cool, well done !!!
    We advise you to get used to your machine and follow carefully the manufacturer’s guidance and warnings before doing overnight prints. you are never too careful when it comes to family ;). H does stands for hours.
    remember that if you buy a printer through our affiliate link you will receive a 1 Year subscription at ,

  3. thanks for your message Isaac :)

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  5. Three-D printing permits you to create complex three-D designs easily at a low constant price. Prototyping is brief, and every object may be customized. however, huge production runs more expensive than traditional manufacturing, and the quitting product has a tendency to be of constrained energy and with decrease precision.

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