Designing 3Dprinted objects is what we do and we are dedicated to delivering you this small slice of future in the best possible way.

Our design team studies what people use, need, want and love and how to adapt these to consumer grade 3Dprinting in the most beautiful ways.

tal mor
Graduate with a major in Engineering and Industrial Design. “Machinery and its common shapes excite me, like, for example, classic bike frames, which are simple, efficient, light and stiff. I’m a designer who creates with my bare hands and with an open mind, for joy, beauty or to answer a need.”
adi gery
Graduate with a major in Industrial Design. “I see design as a puzzle with a variety of creative solutions. My passion in design is combining new technologies with traditional techniques.”
dana sitry
Current student with a major in Industrial Design. “I believe that design should be fun for both the designer and user. I appreciate smart and simple design which creates and inspires most of the design aesthetics. I love the feeling of developing a product from scratch, from brainstorming to mockups and 3D modeling and then seeing it completed after all the hard work.”
tomski design studio
Graduate with a major in Industrial Design. “I believe that a good design, is a design that makes others feel good, from the general idea to the very last detail.”
Tomski -
liran nizri
Graduate with a major in Industrial Design with a specialization in C.N.C. milling and laser cutting. “Designing on the cusp between 2D and 3D brings me pleasure and many challenges. I enjoy combining humor and value to every day products that surround us. My inspiration comes from nature, sounds and textures influenced by technology. Lastly, I want to bring world peace.”
vika milman
Graduate with a major in Industrial Design. “Design is a way of life for me. I approach every problem from a different angle until I find all possible solutions. I have great passion for functional and ergonomic design. When I approach the field of medical design, my goal is to make it more accessible and user friendly.”
3D artist with love of visual storytelling, specializing in modeling and digital sculpting and finding interest in character design.
yaeli nisimov
Graduate with a double major in Industrial Design and Philosophy. “Design is the basis for thought, and the thought creates a reality. As a designer my passion is to create a reality that connects with children with an open mind and smile.”
Michal Sharon
Michal completed an MA in Industrial Design & Design Management. “I am someone who laughs a lot and enjoys seeing what things make people happy. I guess that’s why I try to design everything with humor. I like giving a little twist to an everyday product, making one smile, creating a completely new user experience that helps individuals re-evaluate these products. My Website:

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