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What is 3DShook?

3DShook is a new brand offering designs made to be printed on consumer grade 3D printers.

Whats SpoD?

Subscription Print on Demand – We offer unlimited prints from our entire collection at a monthly subscription price as low as $8.33/month.

But I want to buy a different design which is not on the trial gallery…

If you decided not to purchase a subscription ,you can purchase items per print.

Can I find these models elsewhere?

No, all 3DShook models are exclusive to 3DShook.

So you are like Thingverse but at a cost?

Absolutely not. Unlike Thingverse, our collection is highly curated, tested, and most importantly, designed.
All our models were designed by skilled product and industrial designers, and built by expert 3D builders.
Our design team studies the desires, needs and wants of the world to later make them possible for 3D printing.
We believe in creating a balance between design and functionality so nothing in our collection is useless.
Our QA team does not rest until a model can print and look good on a consumer grade printer at medium quality.
We are dedicated to creating the most complete experience possible, so everything you ever try to print on 3DShook is designed, has a purpose and is guaranteed to print.

But you have so many ugly things..

We think our current and multiplying collection is so big and diverse, there is no chance one person could ever find everything in it beautiful.
It is only natural that some things you will like more, and others less. If someone ever liked 100% of our collection, either we or they should be very worried…

How many models can I print if I subscribe?

Many, the number changes all the time as the collection grows and updates.
Theoretically, if you printed 1 – 3 models a day for a month you’d have between 30 to 90 prints. That’s A LOT :)

Can I download models and print later?

Yes, however, we are an all-you-can-print service, not all-you-can-download.
There is a download time limit based on calculated duration of average print.
You may also refer to the fair usage article in the EULA you signed when subscribing.

Can I download models and upload them to other sites?

Most certainly not! We will be forced to pursue legal action against you.

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