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3DShook has a huge collection of Exclusive, Functional and Tested designs for you to print.
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Don’t have any 3D Printer?

Don’t worry, you can still use 3DShook.

Start by selecting the design you want. Great. You can print the design and have it shipped from one of the many available printing hubs and businesses. It’s simple.

  • Sign up to our FREE subscription
  • Browse the collection until find what you are looking for
  • Select it, then send to print via external printing services, a new window will open with instructions on selecting a color, size and material.
  • Check out and pay (payment occurs on the printing service website) for the print and shipping. Your new 3D print is on the way!


Interested in buying a 3D Printer?

Here’s a post from our blog who gives you a few reasons why it may be a good idea : Click Here

*In general haven’t started to recommend any particular 3D printer over another. Our designs print well on a variety of popular desktop printers. For maximum compatibility, we recommend 3D printers with a build volume of over 6X6X6 inches (150X150X150 cm) this will safeguard the recommended print size for the designs. 3D Printers smaller than this volume can still print a large selection of 3DShook designs and re-scale other parts to fit the printer.

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